Data analysis, statistics, and software development
for bioinformatics, molecular biology and medicine
Exome & Genome
Resistome and virulence factor
Hi-C analysis
Systems biology
Network analysis
Pathway and mechanism of action, drug and biomarkers discovery
Data-mining, drug side effects profiles
Data integration
We assist laboratories and private companies with data analysis,
make data visualizations for biology and medicine,
create scripts and software for your special needs
Our customers' feedback
Bioinformatics consultant, Thermo Fisher Scientific
I hereby confirm that we have an ongoing collaboration with Ksivalue as they have I hereby confirm that they have successfully delivered several complex bioinformatics analysis workflows for our company Thermo Fisher Scientific. We always got a very professional response, results were delivered in a timely manner as reports with publication ready illustrations, tables and other and datasets required for further analysis. All tasks have been done in time and are of good quality. For this reason I would be happy to personally recommend Ksivalue as a reliable and highly professional partner.
Anzhelika Timofeeva, PhD
Once again, I want to thank you and your colleagues for the work. I want to note the high qualification of the employees of your organization. It is important that you take into account the wishes of customers and correct the processing of data depending on the issues that arise with the customer. It is very important to have mutual understanding and focus on high-quality results. We are very pleased to meet so qualified bioinformatics that responsibly concern their work.

Project results are published:
«Identification of potential early biomarkers of preeclampsia»
Anastassia Runina
Head of department at State Research Center of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology of the Russian Ministry of Health Moscow, Russia
I am really satisfied with the result. Deep interpretation, database research and article validating formed the final value for the NGS data. I can't say much about bioinformatical part — I'm not the specialist of the field, but the result is a complete and valuable analysis of gained sequences far beyond the bioinformatics. Thanks once more.
Vasily Popkov
As for what could be done better: you miss a report for non-bioinformatics staff. I've understood the report clearly, but I have bioinformatics education. Wet biologists without bioinformatics skills are hardly perceive it. In fact it was technical report, not the conclusion.
This is not a criticism, just the consideration. Thanks for the work you've done :-)

Project results are published:
"Do Mitochondria Have an Immune System?"
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Head of the Medical Proteomics Lab, Institute of Biomedical Chemistry
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